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Re: Problem with Python programs with binary components, who to blame?

On 9/4/2016 10:43 AM, Marco Atzeri wrote:
On 04/09/2016 16:34, Patrick Pief wrote:

Before writing any formal bug report I thought I might ask first whether the
problem I am seeing is something that can be even fixed from Cygwin's side.

The issue has to do with the compilation of Python binary packages for Python
inside Cygwin (Python installed as a Cygwin package as opposed to Python for
The problem starts to show as gcc warnings: "[…] redeclared without dllimport
attribute: previous dllimport ignored", and ends with linkers errors such as:
"relocation truncated to fit [...] against undefined symbol".

I am guessing the problem might actually lie within the Python sources itself
but I am not entirely sure.

So is this some issue that is even worth further research and filing a bug
report here?

On windows all symbols must be available at linking time.
Cygwin programs/libraries have the same constrain.

Can you report the full command that produce :
""relocation truncated to fit [...] against undefined symbol"." ?

Are you building a specific program or it is your own development ?

I also wonder about:

- 32-bit versus 64-bit Cygwin, whether it may be an issue
- Such a build would need to be treated as a Posix build,
  not a Windows build, and probably should not be trying to
  access Windows libraries (as opposed to Cygwin libraries)

dllimport is meaningful for Windows, not for Posix, I believe.
So I wonder if you're actually running Cygwin's gcc ...

Anyway, some things to check into ...

Eliot Moss

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