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Re: Bash shell script issue

please reply on the bottom

On 07/09/2016 17:32, Kipton Moravec wrote:
Something else I did not know.

dalkmora@DALM0048 ~/walnut/dp2b_walnut_customer_flextronics/walnut
$ od -cx
0000000   #   !   /   b   i   n   /   b   a   s   h  \r  \n   e   c   h
2123    622f    6e69    622f    7361    0d68    650a    6863
0000020   o       $   P   W   D  \r  \n   p   r   o   j   e   c   t   _
206f    5024    4457    0a0d    7270    6a6f    6365    5f74
0000040   r   o   o   t   =   $   P   W   D  \r  \n   e   c   h   o
6f72    746f    243d    5750    0d44    650a    6863    206f
0000060   $   p   r   o   j   e   c   t   _   r   o   o   t  \r  \n   x
7024    6f72    656a    7463    725f    6f6f    0d74    780a
0000100   =   $   {   p   r   o   j   e   c   t   _   r   o   o   t   }
243d    707b    6f72    656a    7463    725f    6f6f    7d74
0000120   /   t   o   o   l   s  \r  \n   e   c   h   o       $   x  \r
742f    6f6f    736c    0a0d    6365    6f68    2420    0d78
0000140  \n   e   c   h   o       $   {   x   }       |       c   a   t
650a    6863    206f    7b24    7d78    7c20    6320    7461
0000160       -   A
2d20    0041

The proportional spacing screwed it up, but there are no extra unprintable characters.

I have been using notepad++ for my windows editor.

So that is not the issue.

Thanks for the suggestion.


\r = Carriage Return
\n = New Line / Line Feed

so Notepad++ produced a file with CRLF as line termination and you need
to convert it with d2u.

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