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Re: Can you modify how Cygwin prepends domain name to username?

Hi Carl,

Please don't

Thank you.

On Sep  9 09:39, Carl wrote:
> Hi Linda,
> On 9 September 2016 at 05:44, Linda Walsh <> wrote:
> > Carl wrote:
> > ADUNSW+root:*:2149521262:2147484161:U-ADUNSW\root,
> > S-1-5-21-1140405718-358989843-3445714273-2037614:/home/root:/bin/bash
> > ---
> > Where does the '+' come from?  Is that in Win10 or some newer domain
> > control software?
> The plus character is the default separator for mkpasswd.
> In the help for it (mkpasswd -h), you will see
>    -S,--separator char     For -L use character char as domain\user
>                            separator in username instead of the default '+'.

No, no.  Mkpasswd uses the '+' only by default because Cygwin uses it.

The full answer to the question is in the docs:


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