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Re: [ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: setup.exe (Release 2.876)

I made a batch script that, when needed, downloads the new setup.exe with wget, changes the permissions and then executes it.

This is my bat script.


cd C:\cygwin64Install
move setup-x86_64.exe setup-x86_64.exe.old
icacls setup-x86_64.exe /t /grant my-pc\\\\my-name:F
icacls setup-x86_64.exe  /remove "NULL SID"
icacls setup-x86_64.exe  /remove "Everyone"


It works, I suggest you to do the same.

replace my-pc and my-name with yours

Have fun


On 9/12/2016 7:53 AM, Nellis, Kenneth wrote:
From: Andrey Repin
Greetings, Nellis, Kenneth!

A new version of Setup, release 2.876, has been uploaded to     (32 bit version)  (64 bit version)

Not a biggie, but thought I'd mention that when I installed
the new 64-bit version through my bash script (using wget),
on launching it Windows complained that permissions were
out of order and that I didn't have permission to run it.
Deleting that download and installing the normal way through
the web page worked just fine.
This is to be expected, if you've downloaded the file into Cygwin ACL-
You'll have to explicitly +x it to be able to execute the file.
Uh, I don't think my directory is "Cygwin ACL-enforced", but how
would I know? It's just my regular Windows download folder (under
C:\Users), which is separate from my Cygwin stuff (C:\cygwin\home).

Again, not a biggie, but a curiosity.

--Ken Nellis

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