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Re: Slowness with cygwin from behind a VPN

On 12/09/2016 16:42, ncoif wrote:
Hi everyone,

I've noticed a problem with a specific command on cygwin, but only when
executed behind a VPN. I would like to know how to find more information
about this problem, and/or how/where to report this potential bug.

The following command is taking a lot of time behind a VPN (works fast
without the VPN):
cmd.exe /X /C "git --version"
Running git --version works equally fast in both cases, so I would guess
there is a problem in cmd.exe/cygwin, but I'm not sure. Any suggestion
on how to gather more information about the network is welcome.

My cygwin version:
$ uname -r

My cmd.exe version:
OS Name:                   Microsoft Windows 7 Enterprise
OS Version:                6.1.7601 Service Pack 1 Build 7601

My git version: 2.8.3


PS: This is my first time on this mailing list, so please apologize for
my mistakes.

probably the VPN is adding delays in recovering user or group data.
You can try if running cygserver improve the performance:

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