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Re: unzip, find broken by auto handling of .exe file extension

On 12/09/2016 21:12, Stephen Anderson wrote:
Thanks Ken, good observation.

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From: Nellis, Kenneth
From: Stephen Anderson >
> See also:
> directory-exists-but-is-not-a-directory#32468314
> The fact that 7z handles this and unzip does not indicates that the
> problem is fixable..

FWIW, it seems that the same issue is present with tar:
<Ken demonstrates broken tar handling>

This means that you can't reliably extract from a tar or zip archive in
The windoze equivalents do not have this problem.
It looks to me like the approach of equating filenames 'foo' and
'foo.exe' is dangerous at the stat(2) level - apparently windoze
accomplishes the same trick in a much less destructive way.


This characteristics is needed as windows for historical reason
requested  ".exe" extension for all executable files, while
Unix have not such restriction.

So "cat.exe" is recognized by cygwin also as "cat".
Without this feature all scripts taken by traditional Unix's will
be broken and cygwin will be unusable.

Try this experiment on Linux:

touch foo
mkdir foo

does it work ?


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