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Re: The procedure entry point could not be located in cygwin1.dll

On 2016-09-23 14:50, William Forsyth wrote:
I broke my win XP cygwin install such that bash fails to start.
I used Setup.exe version 2.870.
The install failed when trying to run the postinstall bash scripts.
After the install failure bash fails every time with:
The procedure entry point __locale_ctype_ptr could not be located in
the dynamic link library cygwin1.dll.
The install failed because it tried to install cygwin 2.6.0 which is
not compatible with winxp.
I reran Setup.exe to grab cygwin version 2.5.2-1 but the install still
fails with the same cygwin1.dll error.
Already tried to grab cygwin version 2.5.0 (which is the last known
good cygwin version that ran on my machine) from the time machine, but
I keep getting the same cygwin1.dll error.  Any ideas how to fix this.

Try rolling back the packages installed after and including cygwin 2.6
to previous release.
You can find the packages in /var/log/setup.log starting with the first
occurrence of cygwin-2.6.0-1.tar.xz using something like the following:

$ cygstart .../setup-x86 -x `sed '1,/cygwin-2\.6\.0-1\.tar\.xz$/d;
s/-[0-9][-.0-9]\+\.tar\.xz$//' /var/log/setup.log | sort -u | paste -d, -s -`

where there should be no spaces or newlines in the sed command list.

This starts setup with the list of packages you need to rollback set
up to Uninstall or Reinstall: you just need to click on that column
for each package, until it shows the previous version differing from
the current version.

Take care. Thanks, Brian Inglis, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

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