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Re: setup.exe : proxy auto-configuration script without IE ?

Jérôme Bouat wrote:

I'm using cygwin on a thin desktop computer which has limited disk storage.

The network configuration of setup.exe relies on the proxy auto-configuration script of IE.
	Actually, it doesn't "rely" on it, it offers to
use whatever "IE" is set to instead of a direct-connection, in the
belief (I believe), that most users will have IE configure -- if for no
other reason, that it is the only browser that will be able to get anything
downloaded to their system -- so if direct doesn't work, then IE almost
has to be configured to access the internet to download *anything*.

However, when a package is downloaded, it seems it is stored twice : one time into the IE disk cache and one other time into the cygwin packages disk cache.
	??? What makes you think it is downloaded into the IE disk cache?
I don't think it should be -- as AFAIK, it doesn't use IE to download
anything, it just copies the settings so it can use the same settings.

	If you can't access the internet, how would you download anything
to your system?  If you need a special proxy, wouldn't you have configured
IE with the special proxy so it can download anything else?

Is there a way to make setup.exe understand the auto-configuration script without any web browser ?
	As far as I know, it does.  What makes you think it is using
IE's cache? You might configure IE to empty its cache when it exits, that way you won't see any false positives.


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