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Re: Corrupt Cygwin64 install?

Mike McCarty writes:
> 0x000007fefcb07497 in TmmonDestoryAddonObject () from
> /cygdrive/c/windows/system32/tmumh/20019/AddOn/

It always instills much confidence in the abilities of the programmers
and the usefulness of the program when you see such typos…

> tmmon64.dll is a TrendMicro OfficeScan dll.  After talking my sysadmin
> into disabling OfficeScan on my machine temporarily, the crash goes
> away.  Adding cygwin to the exclusion list doesn't help here (I tried
> it) I think because this is a "real-time monitor", not the file scan
> that the exclusion list generally applies to.

The real-time monitor has it's own exclusion list (last I looked).  And
no, you won't be able to run Cygwin or anything of similar complexity
with that stupid DLL injection that TrendMicro is doing.

> Has anybody else had a similar experience with TrendMicro AV software?
>  My IT dept. will not allow me to disable it entirely...

I've had a .reg file on my desktop that re-instated the realtime
exclusion for the Cygwin install path since generally each time the
computer loaded the Group policy or updated the signatures it would
forget about it (the UI to add to that list was locked down with a
password, but the registry key was open to write to).  Fortunately we no
longer use Trend Micro (I guess the fact it produced the major part of
all end user support requests was a too big hint to ignore for IT).

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