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Re: Native symlinks and setup.exe

On 01.10.2016 23:32, Vlado wrote:
> On 1.10.2016 17:52, Gene Pavlovsky wrote:
>> Before running setup.exe I've set the system env var
>> CYGWIN=winsymlinks:native
>> After that I ran setup-x86_64.exe and installed cygwin64.
>> The symlinks to .exe files in bin, created by setup, are not native
>> symlinks, they are cygwin symlinks. Apparently, setup doesn't honor
>> the winsymlinks:native CYGWIN option. Is that intended (why?) or a
>> bug?
> Hi Gene,
> IMHO CYGWIN variable controls Cygwin behavior, but setup is native
> Windows app.
> What You are describing is expected behavior.

From a sole technical point of view, it's maybe expected.

But from a software usage point of view not:
Gene wants to use Cygwin with native links.
And setup.exe is part of Cygwin. Therefore setup.exe *should* honor
the CYGWIN variable.
(those parts of CYGWIN that make sense for the setup).

Or formulated another way:
Gene wants to use native links with Cygwin. Cygwin does have that
capability. How should he instruct setup.exe to do so?


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