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libbost_python1.58 and python-matplotlib not found (required by python-tagpy and python-ipython)

Running setup-x86.exe on my Windows 7 box, with NO packages listed as pending, hitting next gives me:

libboost_python1.58     (not found)
                        Required by: python-tagpy

python-matplotlib       (not found)
                        Required by: python-ipython

libbost-python1.60 is available (and now installed) but I have no idea what the other is, and I don't see anything close.

I'm reporting only in case someone cares - I assume these are just packaging issues that missed some upgrade or didn't notice an actual dependency was dropped. I don't think they are causing me any problems.

I've attached cygcheck out as requested on the problems page.

Additional but separate questions, based in things I don't understand in the cygcheck.out: - there are five entries under "Cygwin installations found in the registry.
 - two for the current one (G:\Cygwin7) I assume I only need one
- two orphaned (G:\Cygin and F:\cygwin) both earlier installs under Vista which are gone - one orphaned under my personal AppData\Local directory from an abandoned instll Do I need to worry about any of the extras, and can I get rid of them short of using regedit?

There are numerous Empty packages - is this anything to worry about?

There is one Incomplete package, perl_vendor-5.14.4-1. Current perl is 5.22, so how do I get rid of this?

Thanks for any suggestions or pointers to any fine manuals I should have read first.


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