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Re: Blocking a base package from installing

Achim Gratz wrote:
Now, that last question of yours: No, the package manager should never
allow you to not install a base package.  These are in category "Base"
precisely so the rest of the system can rely on the functionality
And what other programs will stop functioning if vim is not installed?

If I compile and install a version of vim on my system, why would I want to put it in a location like /usr/local where it might not be used -- all the time?
	I'm the only user on my system -- whether I run as a user
or as root, or whatever, I'm not doing this for someone else.  If I
try to edit a file using 'vim' from the explorer menu, will it invoke
my vim in /usr/local -- of course not.  Installing some private
copy where all the rest of the system will ignore it, is asking
for headaches. How many people do you think are installing cygwin on servers to be used by many people, vs. their personal machines to only
be used by them?

	But back to the 1st Q.  What other programs will fail to work
if the base-version of vim isn't installed?

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