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Re: intelligent following of directions, or following them by rote...

Brian Inglis wrote:
On 2016-10-07 16:04, Linda Walsh wrote:
    ... what affect
on the cygwin installation would be if you didn't install the base
vim package?    Just a thought.

Type v inside a PAGER (e.g. less or more).
Run an editor on the current (long) command line in readline or shell history.
Edit a commit message in any VCS.
Edit crontab entries.
You can change some of these if you prefer ed or emacs (EDITOR, VISUAL),
and ex is a symlink to vi (vim-minimal).
	Good point -- but none of those should cease to run if you are
putting your own "well working" version of vim it its place -- which
was where this got started in someone desiring to put their own version
on their machine.

	FWIW, I've run my own compiled Gvim version on linux for years
and had fewer problems.  My linux distro supplies a version that links
with various languages (ruby, python, perl, etc) -- but they don't
use run-time dynamic loading, so if something happens and the versions
don't match (they must match, even, the patch-levels) then neither vim
nor gvim can be used as an editor.  Such was sufficient reason for me
to build and replace the OS-instance of vim/gvim.

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