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Re: Errors using configure when building packages

On 2016-10-17 16:54, Sinkler, Wharton wrote:
Yes that did it. The problem was definitely caused by virus scan -
McAfee. Not sure why, but excluding the folder from on-access scanner
did not get rid of the error. Only by completely disabling Access
Protection and On-Access Scanner in the McAfee console was I able to
complete the configure script for ImageMagick on my Cygwin

Thanks for the help and hope this will help others who encounter this

What helps your system even more is deinstalling McAfee as it seems to
take a really safe but really dumb approach which slows Cygwin and Windows
drastically, unless you add a LOT of exclusions.
Then you can enable Windows Defender, and download and install Microsoft
Security Essentials if you are still on Win 7/8: Win 10 Defender includes
MSE functions so it is not required there.

Take care. Thanks, Brian Inglis, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

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