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Re: gdb 7.11.1-2 started within emacs fails

On 19/10/2016 17:46, Rockefeller, Harry wrote:
I can confirm that this happens also with gdb-7.11.1-1 but not
gdb-7.10.1-1.  (I tested on x86_64, since gdb-7.10.1-1 is broken on x86.)
It also fails with M-x gdb instead of M-x gud-gdb, but with a different error message:
Failed to resume program execution (ContinueDebugEvent failed, error
87) Ken

I tried using 'ddd' instead of emacs and gdb aborts with the same readline ... message above.

Any progress on the above issue? I recently updated my gdb and am running into the same problem.

No progress I am aware of.  I switched over to 64-bit Cygwin which uses gdb-7.10.1-1 to avoid this problem.

I've done some investigation, and the problem seems to be that when run from emacs or ddd, the inferior process doesn't end up in it's own process group, but I haven't made any progress on why that is happening.

per [1], I think I've fixed the problem with x86 and gdb-7.10.1-1, so it should no longer be necessary to use gdb-7.11.1 to avoid those problems, but obviously this needs to be fixed at some point...


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