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Re: bc version has issue with \r when run from cmd

> >From: "L. A. Walsh" <cygwin at tlinx dot org>
> >Date: Sat, 22 Oct 2016 15:52:42 -0700
> To L.A. Walsh.
> I understand all that but what i'm saying is that version 1.06  (not
> 1.06.95, which cygwin is using, but 1.06, which Gow uses), So, version
> 1.06   Doesn't have a problem with the fact that cmd sends a \r   So,
> if one doesn't want to call it a bug,  then one can call it a lost
> feature, useful feature of 1.06 (allowing bc to conveniently also be
> used from cmd), and that beneficial flexible feature was lost in
> 1.06.95

Hi. I adopted the bc package about a year ago, since fish uses it and I maintain
fish for Cygwin.

I think L.A. is right that because this is an issue of integration between
Cygwin and cmd, it's in the category of a nice-to-have feature. But I get that
it would be useful for you, and maybe for others too.

I haven't looked at the bc source code. It could take some time to find where
the issue is.  A place to start would be to compare the code archives:

If you were to localize the problem in the source code and even propose a patch,
that would make it a lot more likely to get the problem fixed. Heck, you might
even get a gold star. I maintain the gold star page too :)


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