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Re: Windows Subsystem for Linux starts to compete with Cygwin?

Evgeny Grin wrote:
A lot of?
I don't know many... correction.. any GNU/Linux tools that works badly
with \n newlines.
	All the tools in linux and current MacOS use
1 character to indicate end of line.  It is only windows that has
a problem.

Is Cygwin still better for something?
	The GUI that you said was broken on WSL...
	Also, does WSL work in SafeMode?  Nope.
	Cygwin does.  Does WSL work in PE mode?  Nope.
	Cygwin does.  Damn, WSL is a pretty lame solution at this

Did they fixed the user mappings?

I don't know as I didn't have any problem with it.
	Do you have a domain?  Oh, that's right MS, doesn't
support users having domains, and unless you have a Professional
version of Windows, they crippled the client to not work w/Domains.

	So does your copy of windows work in a domain? (a home
domain, BTW -- we aren't talking businesses).

Do you mean, that Windows itself is a problem?
Or version 10 of Windows is a problem? Anyway, all Windows users will
use Windows 10 (or successors) sooner or later.
So it's only the beginning of the story.
	You haven't been keeping in touch w/linux lately.
It's really that all users will use "systemd" -- oh... wait,
that's a reimplementation of the windows "services" daemon.  So,
you might be right... ;-)

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