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[ANNOUNCEMENT] Application Indicators

The following packages have been uploaded to the Cygwin distribution:

* indicator-applet-12.10.1-1
* indicator-application-12.10.0-1
* indicator-application-gtk2-
* lxpanel-indicator-plugin-0.8.2-2
* mate-indicator-applet-1.14.1-1
* xfce4-indicator-plugin-2.3.3-1

* guake-0.8.8-1
* indicator-keylock-3.1.0-1
* pasystray-0.6.0-3
* pidgin-indicator-1.0-1
* transmission-2.92-3

* libappindicator1-12.10.0-1
* libappindicator-common-12.10.0-1
* libappindicator-devel-12.10.0-1
* libappindicator-doc-12.10.0-1
* libappindicator3_1-12.10.0-1
* libappindicator3-devel-12.10.0-1
* libdbusmenu-common-16.04.0-1
* libdbusmenu-glib4-16.04.0-1
* libdbusmenu-glib-devel-16.04.0-1
* libdbusmenu-glib-doc-16.04.0-1
* libdbusmenu-gtk3_4-16.04.0-1
* libdbusmenu-gtk3-devel-16.04.0-1
* libdbusmenu-gtk4-16.04.0-1
* libdbusmenu-gtk-devel-16.04.0-1
* libdbusmenu-gtk-doc-16.04.0-1
* libdbusmenu-jsonloader4-16.04.0-1
* libdbusmenu-jsonloader-devel-16.04.0-1
* libdbusmenu-tools-16.04.0-1
* libido0.1_0-
* libido0.1-devel-
* libido3_0.1_0-12.10.2-1
* libido3_0.1-devel-12.10.2-1
* libindicator7-12.10.1-1
* libindicator-common-12.10.1-1
* libindicator-devel-12.10.1-1
* libindicator-tools-12.10.1-1
* libindicator3_7-12.10.1-1
* libindicator3-devel-12.10.1-1
* libindicator3-tools-12.10.1-1
* girepository-AppIndicator0.1-12.10.0-1
* girepository-AppIndicator3_0.1-12.10.0-1
* girepository-Dbusmenu0.4-16.04.0-1
* girepository-DbusmenuGtk0.4-16.04.0-1
* girepository-DbusmenuGtk3_0.4-16.04.0-1
* python-appindicator-12.10.0-1
* vala-appindicator-12.10.0-1
* vala-appindicator3-12.10.0-1
* vala-dbusmenu-glib-16.04.0-1
* vala-dbusmenu-gtk-16.04.0-1
* vala-dbusmenu-gtk3-16.04.0-1

Application Indicators is a D-Bus framework for rendering "notification icons" in a uniform way which conforms with the rest of the desktop on which it is displayed, even when the toolkit thereof differs from that of the application.

When no Indicator renderer is detected, Application Indicators support a default fallback which will create a GtkStatusIcon with the same icon as the Application Indicator. It supports the menu and responds to all the same state and icon changes.

This feature comprises of several parts:

* Indicator renderer applets for the GNOME, LXDE, MATE, and Xfce desktop panels (KDE and LXQt include this support natively);

* The libappindicator and libappindicator3 libraries, and their bindings, for use by GTK+ applications;

* Applications, or addons thereto, (re)built with this support.


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