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Re: Editors set x-bit (sometimes)

On 12/13/2016 5:39 AM, Ronald Fischer wrote:
Does anybody have an explanation for the following strange phenomenon?

When I create Ruby files (*.rb) with an, the files end up with the x-bit
set with some editors, while this does not happen with some other
editors. This is annoying, because when I use git to put the file in a
repository, and the repository is later read on Linux, the incorrect
x-bit is applied there too. The text editors where this happens, do so
consistently, as long as the file is below my Ruby HOME directory. It
does not happen, if I store the file outside my $HOME, say in c:\tmp.

Since a few editors do not show this behaviour, one might blame the way
the editor creates the file. However, these text editors were not
written with a Cygwin environment in mind, and Windows doesn't have the
concept of an "executable bit", and it happens only if I create files
below my Cygwin Home, so I think this happens when Cygwin tries to
"infer" the x-bit from some other file properties.

Does this help?


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