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Re: Editors set x-bit (sometimes)

On 2016-12-13 08:20, Ronald Otto Valentin Fischer wrote:
>On 2016-12-13 10:57, Ken Brown wrote:
>> Does this help?
> While interesting, it seems to describe a different phenomenon. 
> Actually, when I create files by Cygwin tools only (touch, nano,
> ....), the access rights are always correct. Indeed, even after
> removing the extended ACL entries - as was suggested in the FAQ -,
> the problem still appears.
> However, I have a new finding: When I create a file from a CMD.EXE 
> command line, by i.e.
>     echo xx > abc.rb
> the access rights *do* have the x-bits set! This is reproducible,
> but only when the file which was created, is below my Cygwin tree!
> I agree that this smells a lot like an extended ACL issue, but as
> I said, setacl -b provided no help.

Remove DACLs Default ACLs also on directories using: 
	setfacl -bk ~/.[!.]* ~/.[!.]*/**/ ~/.[!.]*/**/* \
			/???/**/ /???/**/* /sbin/ /sbin/*
- that takes a while to run, and you may get a few anonymous
	setfacl: Permission denied
messages - paths in the messages would have been nice here!

Be careful *NOT* to hit Windows directories including your Windows 
home directory, or any other Windows directories, native symlinks, 
native hardlinks, junctions, or file types such as Windows .lnk, 
.URL, etc. where Windows may rely on the DACLs, ACLs, and attributes 
for proper handling.

I don't know that removing them would cause problems, but I don't 
trust Windows to DTRT if it doesn't see what it expects, or DTRT in 
future if changes are made and the expected settings are not still 
in place.

Take care. Thanks, Brian Inglis, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

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