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[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: astyle-2.06-1

Version 2.06-1 of "astyle" has been uploaded.

Artistic Style is a reindenter and reformatter of C, C++, C# and Java
source code.


Artistic Style 2.06  (December 2016)

- Add new bracket style option "style=mozilla".
- Add new option "break-one-line-headers" (#33, 64, 367).
- Add new option "indent-continuation".
- Add new option "pad-comma" (#100).
- Add removing spaces before a comma (#100).
- Add new Objective‑C options "pad-return-type" (-xq) and
"unpad-return-type" (-xr).
- Add new Objective‑C options "pad-param-type" (-xS) and
"unpad-param-type" (-xs).
- Add formatting of C++14 single-quote digit separators (#337).
- Add indentation for CORBA IDL module statement (#414).
- Add translations for Bulgarian, Estonian, Greek, Hungarian,
Norwegian, and Romanian.
- Remove lineend option from formatCinToCout function.
- Improve align-method-colon and apply to Objective‑C method calls.
- Improve recognition of header guards in preprocessor statements.
- Improve recognition of C++11 uniform initializer brackets (#381, 411, 415).
- Improve the processing of quoted strings and verbatim strings.
- Change align-method-colon short first line to align on the longest
line instead of the first line.
- Change to not break empty one line brackets to support new
- Change add-brackets to not add to one line blocks to support new
- Change add-brackets to not add to one line statements in support new
- Fix not recognizing an escaped space character within a quote (#403).
- Fix not recognizing "else" brackets as COMMAND_TYPE (#400).
- Fix attaching "if" statements to a #else preprocessor directive (#356).
- Fix not clearing global variables for a new file (#364).
- Fix not recognizing an rvalue reference in a template (#404).
- Fix breaking a line when processing the first line of a file (#400).
- Fix breaking a line in an exponential (#392).
- Fix indentation of an "enum" without following brackets (#401, 384).
- Fix indentation of arguments using preceding commas (#355).
- Fix indentation of Pico style one line blocks.
- Fix not padding header for "new" or "delete" followed by parens.
- Fix template variable not being cleared at end of a statement (#380).
- Fix "close-templates" to only close ending angle brackets (#375).
- Fix pad-oper to not pad a + or - following an open bracket (#378).
- Fix C# to recognize "using" as a header.
- Fix C# to always recognize "forever" as a header.
- Fix Pico style not always computing the indentation for one line blocks.
- Fix indentation of Objective-C @interface statement (#333).
- Fix assert error when Objective-C "@" is followed by whitespace.
- Fix end of line comments for "pad-method-prefix" and "unpad-method-prefix".
- Fix end of line comments for "pad-method-colon".
- Refactoring:
    - Consolidate scattered ASFormatter conditional statements into a
padParenObjC method.
    - Remove BracketMode STROUSTRUP_MODE and change it to LINUX_MODE.
    - Remove ASBase methods from being inlined as class definitions.
    - Replace C char arrays in astyle_main.cpp with C++ strings.
    - Return language translation as a mutable variable.
    - Portability changes for additional compiler support (#352).
    - Minor changes based on results of the Clang-Tidy.


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