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Re: Cygwin 2.6.0 Fork issue

Rashi Singhal wrote:
Hi ,
Thanks for information provided.

I tried putting cygwin/ bin path in first place in environment
variables. But result remain same.


Yes all other DLL's getting loaded are either pervasive dll or windows
native dll.

You might be missing the essential point here. Windows-native DLLs that make use of the Microsoft C runtime are not compatible with Cygwin. They will not work properly. If Actian Pervasive separately supplies their code as Cygwin DLLs, you must use those.

I have doubt ,.Is there any compilation variable or cygwin varaible
set for autoloading all dll's

Not sure why you're asking this.

As in same windows 2012 system this extra DLL's are not getting loaded
with previous versions of cywin and Fork is working there.

You're saying that on this same computer, running Win 2012, this sample code ran properly under a previous version of Cygwin? Which version was that?

I have downloaded the source also, I check some varibel there if you can help.

Which source have you downloaded?  Whose source?

Looks like program just hangs child process after open call and never
comes back.

   Please suggest what I can check .

Your sample program is getting exceptions (i.e., is faulting) even before it fork()s the child process. The child is faulting the same way. This looks pretty much like your sample program was built with incorrect assumptions.

You can try posting the compilation (and linking) command(s) that you used to build your btrsamp.exe program. Maybe there's something obvious there that somebody here can see. We can't help you debug your program though, and you can't mix Windows-native DLLs that use Microsoft C runtime with Cygwin code.


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