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Re: windres broken

Am 07.01.2017 um 05:10 schrieb Steven Penny:
Something is wrong with windres:

    $ windres myapp.rc -o myapp.res
    Usage: windres [option(s)] [input-file] [output-file]
     The options are:
      -i --input=<file>            Name input file
      -o --output=<file>           Name output file
      -J --input-format=<format>   Specify input format

What version of windres is that? That same command works just fine, here (from package binutils-2.25-4 on cygwin64).

The syntax above is shown here:

That's just an example, and for actual documentation it points to GNU binutils documentation. So if anything, this example could be wrong, but if there's really something wrong, you should take this up with the binutils people.

Yet the command just prints usage instead of doing the thing.

Well, strictly speaking, according to that syntax, the above command _is_ wrong. -o myapp.res is an option, and as such it should have come _before_ the [input-file] argument, myapp.rc. But like I said, the problem does not reproduce here.

This command works:

    windres myapp.rc myapp.res

Well, FWIW that one does follow the syntax.

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