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Re: [ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: Cygwin 2.6.1-1

On 2017-01-11 05:51, Steven Penny wrote:
> On Tue, 10 Jan 2017 23:49:16, Brian Inglis wrote:
>> Both of which run under the cmd console
> No, they dont. They both run under the Console Window Host.
>> You can look up which characters are displayed using Alt-numpad-digits 
>> at or in the selected code 
>> page using Alt-numpad-0-digits at Code_page_nnn or Windows_nnnn.
> Why do I need to do this? I already know that it is capital omega.
>> On top of that is added the Windows locale mapping to Cygwin locale
>> and character set, plus readline settings used by bash in
>> ~/.inputrc, which may change input interpretation.
> Again, did you try this or are you just guessing? If so what inputrc 
> value needs to be set?
>> Type locale to see what locale Cygwin thinks you are running.
>> Documentation available is at: 
>> which documents the default as C.UTF-8 (ASCII) unless LC_ALL, LC_CTYPE, 
>> or LANG env vars are set to change the locale and/or char set.
> Again, did you try this or are you just guessing? If so what value
> needs to be set?
>> You may have to chcp n in Cygwin.bat to get correct character output, 
>> either 437 for US, 850 for English, 65001 for UTF-8, others from 
>> above reference for other locales and char sets.
> Again, no because cmd.exe works fine even with 437.
>> It is an alternative input method for Unicode characters which does 
>> not seem to be supported with bash under cmd configured with default 
>> code pages, but is in mintty and elsewhere in Windows, which avoids 
>> having to pop up CharMap and search when you know the Unicode code 
>> point wanted.
> Again, hex input is not needed, cmd.exe handles Alt-decimal just fine.
>> Most Windows monospace fonts do not support most new Unicode characters, 
>> but fallback fonts can be configured in the registry to provide missing 
>> glyphs, given available fonts which support the glyphs, and code page 
>> 65001/char set UTF-8 which supports the Unicode character set.
> Again, no font is needed as this character is already supported
> though existing fonts.
>> Mea culpa, having configured everything I can in Windows, Cygwin, and 
>> apps to support Unicode/UTF-8 character sets, with appropriate fonts 
>> and fallbacks, I forget the limitations and problems with OEM code 
>> pages which caused me to make that effort, indeed that people, apps, 
>> or systems still use those code pages implicitly.
> Somehow you managed to make a nearly 400 word reply without adding
> anything to your previous post. I am actually impressed. Please going
> forward post suggestions that you have actually tried and fix the
> problem at hand, thank you.

Launch Character Map app, find Omega, Select, and Copy, and you should 
be able to paste it into any window. 
Post your cmd console code page and locale settings as described and 
maybe someone can help you. 
Or maybe you could check the cmd settings and console docs yourself 
and figure out your own problem. 
Generate cygcheck -svr output and attach to your post as described 
in the problems link below, and one of the project *volunteers* may 
get some time to look at it and be able to help.

Take care. Thanks, Brian Inglis, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

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