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Re: hang on 'cat /proc/mounts' when one of the network drives is on a 'down' system

On Jan 12 11:47, cyg Simple wrote:
> On 1/12/2017 10:00 AM, Corinna Vinschen wrote:
> > On Jan 11 19:13, L. A. Walsh wrote:
> >> Corinna Vinschen wrote:
> >>> I know why this happens but I don't see an easy way around that.
> >>> Basically the problem is that Cygwin has no control over the OS mount
> >>> points (i. e., drive letter mapping and volume ireparse points).  Given
> >>> that, apart from C: maybe, the drive letter mapping can change any time,
> >>> Cygwin doesn't cache the information but requests it every time it needs
> >>> it.  This includes information required in /proc/mounts, here basically
> >>> the FS type.  This in turn requires to open a handle to the FS, which
> >>> may result in the observed hang.
> >> ----
> >>    Thanks for the explanation.  Looking at my ".bashrc",
> >> I can't figure out why needed this so I can comment it out.
> >> However, as an "aside", I'm not sure why my workaround
> >> didn't work...though I might guess.
> >>
> >> I tried using 'timeout' from 'coreutils-8.23-4' like:
> >> readarray -t proc_mounts< <(timeout -k 2 1 cat /proc/mounts)
> >>
> >> I had hoped that w/cat hanging, timeout waits 1 second (2nd
> >> number), and if no response after the #secs after -k (2)
> >> then it's suppose to try to kill it.
> >>
> >> I'm guessing that since it's a cygwin signal, it is probably
> >> waiting for Win to return to cygwin land so cygwin can
> >> process the signal -- but since it's off in la la land,
> >> cygwin doesn't get a chance to clean up.
> > 
> > Exactly.  The hanging call is just some NtOpenFile call on the
> > filesystem.  The timeout is an unfortunate effect of accessing
> > a remote drive.  One problem here is that Cygwin doesn't support
> > interrupting of synchroneous Windows I/O calls from the signal
> > handler.  That's something I'm planning to do at one point, but
> > don't hold your breath.
> You may be able to configure the timeout response on the device to
> reduce the wait.

How so?  If it requires changing the registry it's not something
Cygwin can do on the fly without admin consent.  Only if we can
define a timeout on the application level we could use it.


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