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Re: [ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: libreadline7-7.0.1-1, libreadline-devel-7.0.1-1, bash-4.4.5-1

On 2017-01-15 08:30, Steven Penny wrote:
On Sun, 15 Jan 2017 09:11:23, cyg Simple wrote:
It is this expectation that others do the work that you freely use that is the

I dont think you realize, I am the maintainer of the Cygwin package manager:

Whatever that is, it is NOT *the* Cygwin package manager.

to which I have put hundreds of hours of work into, free of charge. In addition
I donate over a 1,000 commits a year to open source:

And have helped millions of people on Stack Overflow:

None of which is relevant to the point that...

So please, dont tell me that I am not willing to do open source work. Yes, I do
expect Eric to fix this.

This still does not give you the right to make demands.  Remember that.

readline is a critial Cygwin package and he let a
pretty glaring error get though. It is scary to think what testing he even did
before releasing it. The least he could do is roll it back until the problem has
been fixed by himself or upstream.

Eric has been around for a long time and has earned the respect of this community. He knows what his responsibilities are and will surely address them as always.


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