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Re: Cygwin 2.6.1 32-bit post install failed by /usr/bin/perl.exe

Katsumi Yamaoka writes:
> Run setup-x86.exe for full install excluding *x86_64* modulues.

You do not want a full Cygwin install.  In particular, you do not want a
full installl for Cygwin 32bit.

> However, the post install didn't seem to end.  At that time, ps
> on mintty showed a lot of defunct perl processes.  Then I tried
> replacing /usr/bin/perl.exe with the one I built from the source
> one and a half years ago.

You've run out of address space to rebase to and now perl (which comes
pretty late in the rebase sequence) collides with something else on your
system or maybe even the Cygwin heap.

> It did the trick!  Now new cygwin is running with no problem!

No it doesn't and it never will given that you did a full install.
Please do a fresh install with only the packages that you need.  If you
select too many packages you will likely need to switch to a 3GB
userVM address space even then.  You are much better off using a 64bit
Cygwin if you're using a 64bit Windows version.

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