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Re: sincerely beg your help!!! for getting version 2.6.0-1

On 17/01/2017 13:42, sun zheng wrote:
hi team,

sorry for troubling. but

currently i am facing a big problem:
i was requesting to install cygwin 2.6.0-1 in my company's pc since
this is the latest version. due to security checking, it takes nearly
2 months for me to get the approval of this version.
fortunately, it finally goes to packaging process. while this step, i
installed cygwin using setup_64.exe from your website in my personal
pc, and provide the folder c:\program files\cygwin64 to our security
team for scanning and confirming. they will re-package using this

all is done. but when it goes to version-confirming process. i am crazy!!!
i use "cygcheck -c cygwin" to check version, but it shows "2.6.1-1"!!!!

then i went back to your website main page. it shows 2.6.1-1 as the
latest version. i really really want to cry!!!!

i do not want to take another 2 months for requesting the new 2.6.1-1
version approval!!!

we will have a (or more) new version in two months


1. how can i install 2.6.0-1?? can you send me the setup_64.exe for
this version??
2. if cannot install 2.6.0-1 vir setup_64.exe. can you send me the dll
files to replace in folder "c:\program files\cygwin64", so that i can
get "2.6.0-1" using "cygcheck -c cygwin" ???


this really matters!! i beg your help!!!
waiting for your response eagerly...

As cygwin is a rolling distribution you can consider

for an installation frozen in time.


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