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Re: sincerely beg your help!!! for getting version 2.6.0-1

sun zheng writes:
> i was requesting to install cygwin 2.6.0-1 in my company's pc since
> this is the latest version. due to security checking, it takes nearly
> 2 months for me to get the approval of this version.

If that's a requirement, you will need to provide a local mirror with
the exact state of packages that your security check is goint to vet.

> fortunately, it finally goes to packaging process. while this step, i
> installed cygwin using setup_64.exe from your website in my personal
> pc, and provide the folder c:\program files\cygwin64 to our security
> team for scanning and confirming. they will re-package using this
> folder.

You don't want to install into %PROGRAM_FILES% or WIndows' folder
virtualization will play bad tricks on you if you ever try to write to
anywhere inside that installation directory.  You also don't want to
package up an installation to install on further machines, instead
you'll need to do an installation on each machine.

> all is done. but when it goes to version-confirming process. i am crazy!!!
> i use "cygcheck -c cygwin" to check version, but it shows "2.6.1-1"!!!!
> then i went back to your website main page. it shows 2.6.1-1 as the
> latest version. i really really want to cry!!!!

Well, at the moment you can still select the previous version from setup
and have a reasonable chance of everything working correctly.  But
Cygwin really is a rolling distribution, so your security process is
fundamentally at odds with how it is updated.

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