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Re: cygcheck and literal plus sign

On Mon, 27 Jan 2014 16:43:23, Steven Penny wrote:
>     $ cygcheck -p 'g\x2b\x2b.exe'

It looks like this is broken again. package-grep does work:

$ q=
$ curl -s "$q"'?text=1&arch=x86_64&grep=mingw32-g%2B%2B' | awk 'NR>1{$0=$1}1'
Found 4 matches for mingw32-g++

but it seems no incantation will make cygcheck work:

    $ cygcheck -p mingw32-g%2B%2B
    Found 0 matches for mingw32-g%2B%2B

    $ cygcheck -p mingw32-g%2b%2b
    Found 0 matches for mingw32-g%2b%2b

    $ cygcheck -p mingw32-g++
    Found 0 matches for mingw32-g

    $ cygcheck -p 'mingw32-g\+\+'
    Found 0 matches for mingw32-g\ \

    $ cygcheck -p 'mingw32-g\x{2b}\x{2b}'
    Found 0 matches for mingw32-g\x{2b}\x{2b}

    $ cygcheck -p 'mingw32-g\x2b\x2b'
    Found 0 matches for mingw32-g\x2b\x2b

    $ cygcheck -p 'mingw32-g\53\53'
    Found 0 matches for mingw32-g\53\53

    $ cygcheck -p 'mingw32-g\053\053'
    Found 0 matches for mingw32-g\053\053

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