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Re: Issue with delayed process start and effect on Windows 10

Greetings, Paul Kitchen!

> During a script run initiated in the Cygwin terminal, I noticed that after a
> very short while, the execution would slow down to a crawl.  The script was
> running but in very slow motion.

> I looked at the sequence of events using a windows sysinternals tool and
> found that there is a delay in starting (forking?) a new command (e.g. ls)
> of precisely 20 seconds which is strange.  The script runs normally but very
> very slowly.

> I noticed a side effect too.  After the slowing down in Cygwin, certain
> windows apps behaved the same way as though there was cross contamination
> from Cygwin.  Windows Task Manager takes about 40 second to appear and same
> for the Windows Command Window.  Flash extension in the Chrome browser would
> continuously fail to start.  To repair the situation I had to reboot.  To
> make sure that Cygwin was not still active, I aborted all bash.exe processes
> that were running and the problem continued to persist.

> Is this a known problem?  For me it makes Cygwin completely unusable which
> is a pity.

To me it sounds you are using domain offline logon.
In any case,

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With best regards,
Andrey Repin
Thursday, February 2, 2017 18:23:38

Sorry for my terrible english...

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