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Re: cppcheck 1.77 Segmentation fault (64-bit)

On 29/01/17 21:04, Jim Reisert AD1C wrote:
Best as I can tell, the seg fault is due to having installed the test
version of gcc 6.0.  Even uninstalling gcc 6.0 does not fix the
problem.  I had to create an entirely new Cygwin-64 environment to get
past the problem.

I invite you (Dave) to try the experiment yourself.  You would be wise
to back up your Cygwin environment before doing this.

I've spent a little time looking into this. As per the stack track you supplied, cppcheck is falling over constructing a std::istringstream with a string passed in to initialise the stream. I'll need to debug this into the STL to work out exactly why the seg fault is occurring.

Note that there's more to this than simply constructing a std::istringstream - compiling the example given in [1] works fine, even if I use the same g++ switches used to build cppcheck. So there's something else going on...



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