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Re: Segmentation Faults

On 08/02/2017 18:13, Ian Lambert via cygwin wrote:
FWIW, since doing the updates late last month, many programs are seg faulting for me, including XWin, wget, curl, ssh, procps, top, gawk...

mintty, bash, vi, cd, and ls still work, so all is not lost, but I'm certainly not able to use cygwin as much as before,
and recovery is more difficult because of previously reported proxy issues with setup.
procps and top worked after reverting to old versions for "required" packages,
but I haven't been able to get wget to work, and apt-cyg is dead without gawk or wget. :(

This is 64 bit on Windos 7 "professional."

Below is excerpt from the end of a strace of wget

Is "windows error 2" easy to fix? :)

Any bloda running around ?

I will bet on some other program interfering on cygwin
program execution or dll loading.

As example, recently strace is segfaulting on my W7 64 bit,
and I am almost sure Symantec is the guilty guy.

Check also if all the DLL needed by wget, curl, ssh, procps, top, gawk
are still there. I saw case where the Antivirus removed the dll's
without big notice.


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