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Re: Problem with mksetupini

On 15/02/2017 14:08, Jon Turney wrote:
On 15/02/2017 07:51, Sunny Lin wrote:
Hi all,

I encountered a problem and hope someone here can help me through.

I need to build a 32-bit Cygwin distribution with customized packages.
I have calm package installed.  I am learning to use mksetupini to
create a setup.ini file.  I use commands similar to the following but
always generate an INI file with only a header, no package information
in the file.

mksetupini --arch x86 --inifile=setup.ini --releasearea=.

I followed instruction in the following link and got the same result.

Reading over that, it looks like step 2 is in need of a bit of updating
and might have led you astray.

I fixed up those instructions a bit.

The directory you are pointing to as releasearea should contain x86/,
x86_64/ and noarch/ directories, which should contain a release/
directory, which should contain the various package directories and

If that layout isn't followed, mksetupini won't be able to find the
packages and thus they won't appear in the output setup.ini

It seems there is a problem with calm where it doesn't handle symlinks, as those instructions expect.

I've pushed out an updated calm 20170215-1 package with a fix for that.

Thanks for reporting this problem.

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