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Re: [ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated [test]: grep-3.0-2

On 2/15/2017 11:25 PM, Steven Penny wrote:
>> Since this includes pipelines by default, this means that if you pipe text
>> data through a pipeline (such as the output of a windows program), you may
>> need to insert a call to d2u to sanitize your input before passing it to grep.
> This is certainly a good way to do it, but for more portable solution use tr:

There are as many ways to remove the \r as there are ways to create
them. By stating this you've convoluted the point Eric was trying to
make which was more a caution than a way to get rid of unexpected data.
You could use d2u, tr, sed, vi, foo, bar, baz, etc.  It doesn't matter
what you use to rid your piped process of excess data as long as the
excess data is removed.  Certainly portability should be a concern if
you're distributing the process or using differing systems with the same
process but we're talking about a Windows only type of issue since the
processes on *NIX will never return \r\n without some planned reason to
do so.

cyg Simple

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