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Re: [ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: dash-

On 02/23/2017 06:01 PM, Tony Kelman wrote:
The big question remains, where this speed boost coming from?
Is this a startup time? Or some internal slowness?
Because in latter case, given your STC, this is a bash issue and should be
reported upstream.

Dunno what you meant by STC, but upstream is well aware:

$ man bash | tail -n 21 | head -n 2
        It's too big and too slow.

Forgive me but this entire thread has been giving me a serious case of
deja-vu.  We've been down a similar path to this before, the last time
around with "ash" rather than "dash" but the arguments sound very familiar.
Brian Dessent has a nice summary a paragraph into his response below:

Now this was "ash" and not "dash" and the actual transition from "bash" to
"ash" and back again occurred well over 10 years ago, so allot of things
have changed for sure.  But I bring this up because I think the parallels
are there.  Since making a change of this magnitude is going to be an
undertaking, we should be sure we're going to see the intended benefits
before enduring the pain such a change would bring, though hopefully that
pain would be short-lived and/or minor. :-)



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