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Re: cygpath (reprised)

On 2/21/2017 1:22 PM, Nellis, Kenneth (Conduent) wrote:
> From: Andrey Repin 
>>> But, consider the following:
>>> $ cygpath -w a:b | od -An -tx1c
>>>   41  3a  62  0a
>>>    A   :   b  \n
>>> $
>>> Instead of the special character colon (:), shouldn't cygpath be showing
>>> something in the Unicode Private Use area?
>> No, it shouldn't.
>> You've requested a name "b" in the current directory on the disk "A:", or
>> a file substream "b" of the file "a".
>> Both are valid system paths.
> Right. Thanx. I wondered why the "a" got up-cased.
> I suppose one could argue that, by using -w, that cygpath might assume that it 
> is converting *from* a POSIX path, and therefore the colon would not indicate 
> a drive letter--wouldn't that make sense?--but I’ll let someone else take up 
> that battle. ☺

I would almost agree except for the help description of the -w option.
Also a : isn't a valid character for a name in Windows.  Cygwin uses
some magic to represent it in UNICODE format though.

> Also, in the following, I would expect cygpath to figure out that I *am not* 
> specifying a drive letter:
> $ cygpath -w ./a:b | od -An -tx1c
>   41  3a  62  0a
>    A   :   b  \n
> $

Consider the following as what should happen with "./a:b" but the
current result of  "a:b" could already be considered correct.  With the
following I think the output give fro "./a:b" is incorrect.  Not
withstanding the argument for relational output of the windows path.

$ cygpath -w ../a:b | od -An -tx1c
  43  3a  5c  6f  70  74  5c  63  79  67  77  69  6e  36  34  5c
   C   :   \   o   p   t   \   c   y   g   w   i   n   6   4   \
  68  6f  6d  65  5c  61  ef  80  ba  62  0a
   h   o   m   e   \   a 357 200 272   b  \n

cyg Simple

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