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Re: Strange errors running gcc tests on Cygwin

On 03/04/2017 09:46 PM, JonY wrote:

Cygwin does NOT use LD_LIBRARY_PATH, Cygwin uses PATH like all Windows
programs. It is one aspect that does not conform to *nix expectations.

Wonderful, this simplifies it greatly! I was wondering why the dlls were under /usr/bin. :) Anyway, I'm waiting for the gcc bugzilla database to come back up and I'll file the bug.

Running tests under Cygwin is also complicated by the condition all DLLs
do not get rebased at runtime, or a fork() can fail.

This further implies that, if it is looking in the local environment for
a library and not the build tree, then *all* test results could be
invalid due to it using compilers and libraries locally installed rather
than from the build tree, which would be very bad -- a regression that
hides other regressions!

As much as I just want to get my own tests done, I suppose I better
debug this. *sigh*


I suppose you can try to run s/LD_LIBRARY_PATH/PATH/g to see how it goes.

Well since I've gone this far I might as well come up with a patch for the problem as well. Luckily, I somehow made a mistake about the problem *not* happening on my first run of tests because I double checked and it did! I guess the compare_tests script isn't perfect. Also, I should make certain that this doesn't affect other tests (for instance, we need to be certain that we're loading the correct libgcc).

Thanks for the help!

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