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Re: Strange errors running gcc tests on Cygwin

On 8/03/2017 10:25, Daniel Santos wrote:

My concern is with the dynamic portion of this behavior -- what is affected by environment variables.

Many years ago I ran a nightly build/test of gcc under cygwin and reported the results to gcc-testresults. There may be is discussion on the gcc mailing lists from c2000-2005. If you search " David Billinghurst cygwin" you ??might?? find something relevant.

From memory, I got it all working by

 * building gcc and friends
 * using find to locate all the .exe and .dll files in the build tree
 * worked out by trial and error which files were needed at run time by
   the test suite.
 * setting PATH when running the testsuite so that the directories
   containing (new) required .exe and .dll were in front of any system
 * making sure that PATH wasn't reset by the testsuite
 * looking at places where LD_LIBRARY_PATH was set/modified by the
   testsuite and checking if cygwin needed PATH to match
 * (submitting patched to fix gcc testsuite under cygwin)

Once that was done it all "just worked" until it broke again. Good luck.

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