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Re: Strange errors running gcc tests on Cygwin

On 03/17/2017 12:17 AM, Brian Inglis wrote:
On 2017-03-16 14:59, Daniel Santos wrote:

Alright, I think I've got it now, thank you. I'll experiment with it
first and then I'm guessing that this might eventually belong in
libtool or some such, although I'm guessing that that wouldn't work
unless we could have two databases, the system database and a
temporary build database. I'm not yet sure what the correct solution
should be.
rebase -OT file - contains list of paths to all built DLLs - uses the
existing database to relocate your DLLs above existing Cygwin uses.

Yes, but that won't work from libtool. libtool isn't going to know what other dlls you happen to be building in your project. (I don't actually know libtools internals yet, and never really wanted to. :) So this might need to be some ugly add-on to the Makefile *sigh*.

Thank you for the BLODA list. There are currently no programs listed
in the uninstall.
You may not be installing much with Windows Setup but may want to ensure
you uninstall any stuff like Adobe Flash, Adobe Reader, Oracle Java,
MS Silverlight, games, other "conveniences", "freebies", utilities, etc.
pushed on you. You may be able to uninstall MS SQL Server, its CLR, SSDT
but don't know impact. You have to keep MS.NET, PowerShell if installed
as they may be used by MS processes.

OMG! It puts SQL Server on there now? Thanks for the info, I forgot about all of this crap.

The first thing I've done when installing Windows in the past is to
have the network cable unplugged and disable every service that I
think I don't need because experience has taught me not to trust
Windows. Occasionally, I've had to re-enable services that it turned
out I did need. Are there any pretty list of "stupid windows
services" out there that you recommend? Also, I'm not doing any
windows/lanman networking, so I disable computer browser and the
and linked github forks I found informative and useful - key to customize
as YMMV.

Ok, thanks. I have a license for Windows 7 and while I know that Windows 10 is "free" I'm just not ready for that step. I will probably have to eventually setup a win10 vm though.

I'm also building the current cygwin1.dll from git as I've seen a few
messages about bugs being fixed that could be related.
You can download Cygwin snapshots: dll only, dbg, pkg, src, directly from for x86{_64,} - instructions given on page.

Yeah, I usually prefer to build it myself. I did test the git cygwin1.dll and it didn't fix the broken pipes (when running make check with more than one -j job). As I've said before, I'm sure there's a race somewhere in Cygwin or some other Cygwin package(s). If I follow through with making this into a repeatable process, I'll likely have to try to diagnose it.


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