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[a tangent but hopefully not OT question] Re: Malwarebytes flags qdbusviewer-qt5.exe as Adware.Elex malware

On 03/19/2017 01:23 PM, René Berber wrote:
On 3/19/2017 12:18 PM, Ed Koerber via cygwin wrote:

It bears asking to be thorough... are we sure that the cygwin package
has not been compromised somehow?
You are correct in not taking unsubstantiated remarks as useful.

We usually run the program in question through

If several, reputable, scanners flag it as a virus, then its probably a

Hope this helps.


I looked at and found it interesting. That being said, everything on it looked "pc" and "windows" except for one report of issues which seemed OS/Mac based.

I went through all the documentation and tabs to other pages as best I could (including the FAQ).

I could not get a clear answer as to whether this site handled any and all queries was platform agnostic or limited to Windows (and maybe OSX).

I have to deal with Windows via Cygwin, OSX, and Centos/Fedora and can't figure out if I can send anything from any platform to this site.

Thanks in advance for humouring my tangent within this same thread (I made sure I changed the subject to reflect the tangent)


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