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Re: Unable to delete Cygwin from PATH environment variable

On 3/23/2017 3:10 PM, Tanya Sandoval wrote:

> I recently had to reinstall Cygwin and in doing so, I have ran into a
> problem with some application because Cygwin seems to be appended to
> my PATH environment variable. I have tried to remove this by following
> these instructions but
> something strange happens. If I look at the value of Path under
> 'Environment Variables', Cygwin is not there; however if I type PATH
> in cmd.exe, I see Cygwin gets appended at the end of the PATH. Can you
> please help me to know to remove Cygwin from the PATH?

If you mean PATH in a terminal, then you, or the terminal program
(mintty perhaps) are running a shell (bash).  If you did not mean in a
terminal, then also look at the user's environment vars (there are 2
sets: global, and local).

The shell, depending on the parameters which it was invoked with,
usually runs one of its configuration files (bash runs either .bashrc,
or .bash_profile, also /etc/profile), which usually is what sets the
environment you see inside the terminal+shell.

You can direct the shell not to read config files (bash --noprofile
--norc), or change all the possible config files, which is much more
involved, and affect every invocation of the shell... which is not what
you probably want.

Hope this helps.
R. Berber

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