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Re: Unable to delete Cygwin from PATH environment variable

On Thu, Mar 23, 2017 at 2:10 PM, Tanya Sandoval
<> wrote:
> I recently had to reinstall Cygwin and in doing so, I have ran into a
> problem with some application because Cygwin seems to be appended to
> my PATH environment variable. I have tried to remove this by following
> these instructions but
> something strange happens. If I look at the value of Path under
> 'Environment Variables', Cygwin is not there; however if I type PATH
> in cmd.exe, I see Cygwin gets appended at the end of the PATH. Can you
> please help me to know to remove Cygwin from the PATH?

There are two places to add environment variables:
the System Variables and the User Variables.
for screenshots.
Did you check both?  (Also, it's possible the list
might need scrolling to see the end.)

Also, changes only show up when you start a new cmd.exe,
maybe you were looking at a cmd.exe window that had
been started before the change.
- Dan

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