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Re: Setting up overlay package server

On 25/03/2017 10:55, Ivan Gagis wrote:

I'm developing some software which consists of several libraries and I
would like to distribute it for Cygwin. So, I would need a feature of
setting up a custom cygwin repository for my packages. As I understand
the most suitable here would be an overlay package server. Right?

Unfortunately, I could find no information on the web about how to set
up an overlay package server. Cygwin page misses the docs about how to do
that also, saying that the manual is TBD. So, is it very complicated to
do that, so that even manual is not yet written?

No, it's not that complicated.

Are there any plans to complete the manual about setting up the overlay
package server?

The plan is to do it when someone gets around to it :)

As it says on that page, "If you can help update this documentation, please send corrections to the cygwin-apps mailing list."

Could somebody give me some hints on how to do that?

Follow the steps of "creating a custom Cygwin package server", but instead of copying/linking an existing Cygwin mirror in step 2, start with an empty directory.

In step 3, add the '-okmissing=required-package' flag to mksetupini (this turns off checking that all dependencies can be found, since presumably some of them will be provided by the standard Cygwin package repository. (See footnote 1)

(Additionally, if you are going to overlay an existing package with a test: version in your repository, you will need to use the '--okmissing=curr' flag to indicate that it's ok not to have a curr: version of a package)

And what would be the configurations needed on the user side to start
using my overlay server? Ideally, I'd prefer it would be working with
apt-cyg script.

With cygwin setup, you will need to *add* the URL of your repository.

On the "Choose A Download Site" page, enter the URL of your repository in the "User URL" box, press "Add". Then ensure *both* that site *and* a Cygwin mirror site are selected.

I can't help you with apt-cyg.

(footnote 1): We are currently lacking a tool to check that cross-repository dependencies can be satisfied (i.e. that packages for these presumptive dependencies actually exist), so you should run setup, tell it to install *everything*, and see if the "Resolving dependencies" page reports any dependencies as not found. (See discussion starting at [1])


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