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Re: Cannot find cygz.dll

Please keep the discussion on the mailing list.

On 3/31/2017 4:15 PM, david wrote:
At 01:04 PM 3/31/2017, you wrote:
On 3/31/2017 3:35 PM, david wrote:

After many years of very successful CYGWIN installations, I find the
current one fails when I try the "wget" utility, claiming that cygz.dll
cannot be found.

Something must have gone wrong with your installation.  cygz.dll is
provided by the zlib0 package, which is required by wget.  Try
reinstalling zlib0.


I'm not sure how to go about "reinstalling" zlib0.  Is this an option in

Yes. Locate zlib0 in the package listing, and click on the spinner in the "New" column until it says "reinstall".

or do I have to restart the whole 12-hour install?

An install shouldn't take 12 hours, unless you tried to install everything and you have a slow network connection. If you still have /var/log/setup.log.full from that install, I suggest you take a look at it and see if you can tell why the install took so long.

If you aren't able to resolve the issue and have to write again, please attach cygcheck output as explained here:


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