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Inconsistent "Unable to extract /usr/bin/ssh-agent.exe" message and disappearing files


After using Cygwin for a couple of years, suddenly today a lot of files in my Cygwin folder were missing, most notably cygwin.bat and bin/ssh-agent.exe. I have no idea what has happened, the files were there yesterday. I don't remember if I did an update after yesterday's use, but I certainly don't remember any errors occurring if I did. I tried reinstalling the openssh package, but it refused to do so. Unfortunately I didn't write down the error message but I suspect it was the same as the one occurring below.

Instead, I decided to start from scratch. After assuring that I had the latest setup-x64.exe, I renamed my old cygwin64 folder and tried installing a default installation + opensssh on my C: drive. At the install of the openssh package, the installer stopped with the message:

"Unable to extract /usr/bin/ssh-agent.exe The file is in use or some other error occurred. Please stop all Cygwin processes and select "Retry", or select "Continue" to go on anyway (the file will be updated after a reboot)." I chose "Continue" and rebooted. The installer reported no errors but this one. First of all, I don't understand the error message, because there doesn't seem to be a /usr/bin folder to install this file to, and from what I can see, the installer tries to install in /bin because it leaves a file "" in that folder before rebooting. There is no ssh-agent.exe file in that folder which was empty at the start of the installation so I don't understand why it's not just created instead of forcing me to do a reboot. I choose "Continue", and the file did get renamed after a reboot, but Cygwin.bat, Cygwin.ico, Cygwin-Terminal.ico were missing from my installation. They didn't seem to be created indicating that the installer actually had more problems it didn't tell me about.

Strangely enough, if I choose to install Cygwin from scratch in the same way except that I choose to install on my secondary (D:) drive, the installer doesn't produce the error. But I really don't want Cygwin on my D: drive. So I went back to installing on the C: drive again with the same error. Then on D: again without producing the problem. I have gone back and fourth at least 5 timers, but the last time I also got the error installing on my D: drive. There is no consistency on the (except for the drive) identical installation attempts.

So I decided to keep Cygwin on my D: drive for the time being after a (seemingly) succesful install. I ran Cygwin.bat which created my skeleton files and gave me a bash prompt. Then I edited Cygwin.bat and put "ssh-agent.exe " in front of the bash command like I had in my old installation to aid in handling my SSH keys. I then ran Cygwin.bat which made the window pop up for a split second, then it closed again and made Cygwin.bat disappear along with bin/ssh-agent.exe. How did that change in Cygwin.bat delete (at least) two files? If I now try to recreate Cygwin.bat from a backup or save it from my Windows text editor, I get either a repeating message from Explorer telling me that I need administrator rights (which I have) to copy the file, or my editor tells me "Access denied" when trying to save. So the Cygwin installation is now broken and I can't repair it. I can delete it and start from scratch again.

I can't explain this behavior in any way except maybe a problem with the file system or some strange bug in Cygwin. Both drives use NTFS and I've run chkdsk on C: telling me there are no problems.

Can anyone explain to me what's happening? I'm running on Windows 10 with all available updates (tested yesterday).

Best wishes,

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