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Re: Cygwin install is broken v-a-vis dependencies

On 03/04/2017 23:54, Dan Kegel wrote:

No TOP post here please

That probably just means there have been updates since
last time you installed, and it's trying to update things
you installed before (or that get installed by default).

Try running setup, don't change anything, and let it finish.
That will grab all the updates you need.  After that, it'll
behave the way you expect.

On Mon, Apr 3, 2017 at 2:47 PM, <> wrote:
Whenever I go to install a package, I get a list
of 50 other packages that it claims need to be installed.
I know that list is both bogus and contains items I explicitly
need to not oinstall (e.g. cmake). What is worse, when I want to
uninstall a package, it gives me that ]same list plus it wants
to install the package I am trying ot uninstall.

>> This just broken.

That is not very descriptive.

As Dan explained the default behavior of cygwin setup is to update
already installed packages and their dependencies.

For what I see from "setup.ini", almost nothing requires
cmake, except development packages related to cmake,
so there is a 99.99% chance that you have it already installed.

You can check it with "cygcheck -c cmake"

You can change the default behavior of setup and decide,
at your own risk, to not update the packages selecting
"Keep" instead of "Current" on the left upper side
of the "Select Packages" view.


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