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Re: Inconsistent "Unable to extract /usr/bin/ssh-agent.exe" message and disappearing files

Den 01-04-2017 kl. 14:34 skrev Andrey Repin:

After using Cygwin for a couple of years, suddenly today a lot of files
in my Cygwin folder were missing, most notably cygwin.bat and
bin/ssh-agent.exe. I have no idea what has happened, the files were
there yesterday. I don't remember if I did an update after yesterday's
use, but I certainly don't remember any errors occurring if I did. I
tried reinstalling the openssh package, but it refused to do so.
Unfortunately I didn't write down the error message but I suspect it was
the same as the one occurring below.
Assuming you run setup with elevated privileges… Sounds much like an
"antivirus" acting up.
Indeed it was my Avast Antivirus detecting an "IDP.Generic" threat. I've reported it as a false positive to their website and hopefully this will make the problem disappear for me and others in the near future. Thanks for the assistance. :-)

Best wishes,

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