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Re: /bin/ gets deleted on error

On 13/04/2017 15:13, Felipe Vieira wrote:
Dear cygwin mailing list,

For the second time this week my /bin/ folder gets obliterated on an
error during normal usage. It is equivalent of doing the infamous "rm
-rf  /bin" .

1) I would like to know if there is a log for cygwin somewhere so I
can be more useful in specifying what happened.

2) My 'specs' are: windows 7 64 bits with cygwin64 . I wonder if
cygwin64 is considered 'stable'.

extremely stable

From what I recall the terminal was spamming messages containing the
words "fork" , "-1" and some others which I don't recall. And what I
did was trying to run a normal zsh script.

I am not able to tell exactly what I did on both occasions to trigger
this behavior.

any history file on your home directory ?

Nevertheless thanks for the great software. If it were not for you
guys I don't know how I could cope with Windows.


Felipe Vieira.


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