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Re: How to create root account to own /var/empty for ssh?

On 15/04/2017 23:33, L A Walsh wrote:
Marco Atzeri wrote:

How am I supposed to make ssh happy?


user separation ?

$ ls -ld /var/empty
drwxr-xr-x+ 1 cyg_server Administrators 0 Jan  7  2015 /var/empty

Um, could elaborate?  I mean do I just create a user called
cyg_server, and that makes it sshd happy?  Or how is user
separation different than having root own the directory?

Also, is it the same separation mentioned in this
deprecation message?:

/etc/sshd_config line 105: Deprecated option UsePrivilegeSeparation
/var/empty must be owned by root and not group or world-writable.

...or has the option been renamed?  FWIW -- this *used* to work on my
machine until the upgrade.

Thanks again!

usage: ssh-host-config [OPTION]...
    --debug  -d            Enable shell's debug output.
    --yes    -y            Answer all questions with "yes" automatically.
    --no     -n            Answer all questions with "no" automatically.
--cygwin -c <options> Use "options" as value for CYGWIN environment var.
    --name   -N <name>     sshd windows service name.
    --port   -p <n>        sshd listens on port n.
--user -u <account> privileged user for service, default 'cyg_server'.
    --pwd    -w <passwd>   Use "pwd" as password for privileged user.
    --privileged           On Windows XP, require privileged user
                           instead of LocalSystem for sshd service.

long time I am not reconfiguring the sshd server, but
ssh-host-config should propose by default the user separation
and propose the creation of cyg_server user for that scope.


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